Deal with Sales, not Friction

Let Sales do what it does best.

Shared Customer Insights

Sales Deals, Without the Friction

Simplify collaboration across the organization with Salesforce and Jira. Free Sales to focus on closing deals.

Surface essential information

Enable Sales and Support  to speak the same language by letting them share and access Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and case information in Jira Service Desk.

Personalized experience for customers

Reduce resolution time by providing customer support direct access to essential Contact and Account information and history. Surface additional details like customer's active licenses, contracts and environment information.

Efficient Escalations and Notifications Workflow

Create Jira issue out of Salesforce Case

Link a Jira issue with Salesforce Case and enable synchronization to keep everyone up-to-date. Reduce operational complexity. Simplify the delivery of customer information. Share customer reports, logs, attachments and comments.

Automate escalation

Escalate Cases from Salesforce to Jira with a push-button. Save your busy in engineers up to 75+ hours a week.* Automate with Jira workflow post functions and Salesforce Apex triggers.
* Read the DoubleDutch's case study by clicking here.

Collaborate natively

Eliminate context shifting. Bi-directional, automatic, field-to-field synchronization enables your teams to collaborate without leaving the tools they are working with. Full control over Case Comments synchronization across the two systems increase both transparency and privacy.

Managing Customer Contracts and Licenses

Legal review made easy

Request Legal team to review Statement of Work before signing off Contract with prospects. Prepare all required contracts, agreements and statement-of-work documents.

Work together and share files

Exchange comments and control the visibility of the comments with respect of teams. Send official documents as attachments across Salesforce and Jira.

Requesting Marketing Services

Marketing services as helpdesk

Plan, track and work on requests from Sales for custom account-based pre-sales collaterals. Manage marketing or creative services in Jira with integration to Salesforce where your Sales team lives.

Share marketing collateral

Collaborate on creative content by exchanging comments and attachments across Jira and Salesforce.

All the Features You Need to Get the Job Done

Create and Link Jira issues
from Salesforce

Create and link Jira Issues without leaving Salesforce for easy collaboration between teams


Sync field values, comments and attachments with mapping configuration

Automation via
Native Functions

Use of Jira workflow post functions and Salesforce Apex classes and triggers

Up to Many-to-Many

Link multiple Jira issues with multiple Salesforce objects, in read-only or full sync mode

Custom Objects

Create and associate Jira issues with more than just built in Objects in Salesforce

Advanced Comment and
Attachment Settings

Chatter, comment tagging, privacy filters, sync direction settings and aggregated comments view

Increasing collaboration between systems and teams

Sync information between Salesforce & Jira

Collaborate on a common and tracked goal

Communicate freely with confidence

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